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Termites & WDI Control In Houston, TX

Protect The Wooden Structures Of Your Houston Home

Purchasing a new home is an investment in your family and your future. Therefore, it makes sense that you want to keep your investment safe and in good repair. Unfortunately, when wood-destroying insects make their way into your home, they will do everything to undo all your hard work, turning the wooden structures of your home into their own personal feeding grounds. Among the most common wood-destroying pests in Houston are subterranean termites. Termites in our area commonly target water-damaged wood in our structures, quietly invading from underground where they remain undetected while they destroy your property over time.

There are few Houston pests more dangerous than termites and other wood-destroying insects. These pests are capable of causing massive amounts of damage to homes, businesses, and other structures in Houston before you realize there is a problem. Fortunately, your Houston termite control professionals at Texas Termite Terminators are here to help! Our team is highly knowledgeable and trained in detecting, controlling, and preventing termite infestations in Houston and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to request a free inspection!

Our Houston Termite & WDI Services

Because termite activity is so difficult to detect on your own, each service begins each service with a proper inspection. Our technicians at Texas Termite Terminators are highly knowledgeable and skilled in identifying and locating the presence of termites and other wood-destroying pests. Some of the signs of termite activity we look for include:

  • Buckling floorboards and ceilings.

  • Discarded wings from termite swarmers.

  • Discolored drywall.

  • Faint scratching sounds from within your walls.

  • Frass, or wood shavings.

  • Mud tubes along the foundation of your home.

  • Pinpoint-sized holes in your drywall.

  • termites destroying wood

    Our termite treatment includes digging the soil around the perimeter of your home and setting up termite bait stations. Termites will take the bait back to their colony, spreading it throughout and eliminating whole populations of termites in one fell swoop. We also perform liquid spot treatments for small-scale infestations; call now to learn more.

    In addition to our termite treatment program, we also provide WDI Inspection/Report services for home purchases. Once we have concluded our report, we will provide you with our findings. As proud members of the Houston community, we take pride in ensuring your home buying experience goes as smooth as possible!

    How Did Termites Get Into To My House?

    Subterranean termites in Houston are attracted to water-damaged wood. Therefore, homes experiencing a degree of moisture problems often become targets of termite activity. Listed below are three additional factors that attract termites and allow them access to our homes.

  • Damp conditions: Subterranean termites require moisture for survival. They also know there is decaying wood in moisture-rich environments.

  • Soil-to-wood contact: Although subterranean termites can feed on any home, they prefer feeding on homes that offer areas with soil-to-wood contact. These include wooden decks, patios, or porches.

  • Woodpiles near your home: Before termites feed on your house, they will likely feed on a food source in your yard. Wooden items and structures that may draw termites include barns, brush piles, decks, fences, logs, stumps, and woodpiles.

  • Texas Termite Terminators Can Get The Job Done!

    You should never take chances when it comes to termites. These tiny pests have a big appetite for the structural wood of Houston homes and businesses, which means big trouble for the occupants of these structures. If you are worried about termites and wondering what you can do to prevent them, contact Texas Termite Terminators today. Our skilled professionals have the knowledge and tools required to exterminate these wood-destroying pests from your home effectively.

    When you partner with Texas Termite Terminators, you can count on our family-owned and operated company to get the job done. With a dedication to customer service and a focus on forming relationships with our community, Texas Termite Terminators is your best choice for Houston home pest control and commercial termite exterminator services. Call today to get started!

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