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German Cockroach Control In Houston, TX

Effectively Eliminate German Cockroaches From Your Houston-Area Property

German cockroaches are the most common species to invade homes. They prefer to reside indoors, gravitating towards dark, damp spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. As the smallest of all cockroach species, German roaches can easily fit into tiny cracks and crevices in your house, and they can be sneaky about accessing food and water sources throughout your space.

Along with being sneaky about their entry methods, these resilient pests can also be extremely hard to eliminate. Not only do they inhabit remote spaces that are difficult to access, but they also reproduce at a rapid speed. Consider the fact that one female roach can lay anywhere from eighteen to fifty eggs at a time, and the eggs take less than two months to hatch and fully evolve into reproducing adult cockroaches.

If you want to protect your Houston property from a German cockroach infestation, the best thing you can do is reach out to your local Houston pest professionals. The team at Texas Termite Terminators is here to detect, eliminate, and prevent German cockroach activity around your property throughout the year.

Complete Protection From German Cockroach Infestation In Houston

For comprehensive coverage against German cockroach infestations, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Texas Termite Terminators, our German cockroach control solutions for your home or business are thorough and customized to meet your needs. The process includes the following:


  • Our process begins with an in-depth inspection of your property, so we know what kind of problem we’re dealing with when we arrive to treat your home or business.

  • german cockroach in a house
  • We look for entry points, areas of harborage, and conducive conditions throughout your space.

  • We identify any points of concern and detect any exterior areas where pests may be living or common areas in the yard where pests are gaining access to the home. 

  • Treatment

  • To prepare for the treatment, we provide the customer with a checklist to make sure the space is ready for optimal service and maximum results. 

  • During the treatment, we do a full clean-out of the property, making sure to eliminate all dead and living cockroaches as well as eggs and nesting sites.

  • We treat entry points like weep-holes, doorways, window sills, and garage openings, and we also treat the exterior from the foundation out.

  • Depending on the nature of your infestation, we use treatments such as gel baits, dusts, or sprays where needed.

  • Follow Up

  • To keep your property protected against German cockroaches on an ongoing basis, we offer quarterly follow-up services to keep you guarded all year long. We also offer one-time services as needed. 

  • We provide post-treatment education to the customer to help them prevent further infestations, and we also provide after-care instructions for the products we laid down around the property.

  • Take Back Your Property With Help From Texas Termite Terminators!

    Whatever kind of German cockroach control problem you’re dealing with, we can help. There are many reasons to choose the professionals at Texas Termite Terminators, some of which include:

  • We provide customer satisfaction by taking care of one property at a time, focusing on the project at hand with commitment and expertise. 

  • We are a family owned and operated company that is well-established in the area, having serviced the community since 1991.

  • We place great importance on building lasting relationships with our customers, using professional solutions, and ongoing dedication to customer service.

  • Not only have we serviced over one thousand residential properties, but we also service commercial properties, including businesses and facilities like warehouses, retail stores, and restaurants. We cater our services to meet the specific needs of each company.

  • Call us today to request your free inspection. We’re here to solve your German cockroach problems together, so don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll tackle your home cockroach control needs right away!

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