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Why Do I Have Ants In My Houston Home And How Do I Get Them Out?

March 15, 2023 - Ants

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and it has the perfect blend of cosmopolitan as well as Southern qualities. However, Houston, like other busy cities, is populated with more than just people. It's also home to different types of pests. If you need pest control services in Houston to get rid of ants, Texas Termite Terminators is your local solution.

How Can I Tell What Type Of Ants Are In My House?

There are over 200 ant species in Texas, and many of these live in Houston. In order to tell what type of ants are in your Houston home, it is important to look at the damage/signs left behind, as well as to identify each type of ant. Ant identification is part of a comprehensive and effective ant control program.

Some of the most common types of ants in Houston are:

  • Carpenter ants: These ants range in size from ½ inch to ⅝ inches long. They are usually red, black, brown, or a combination of these colors. They chew through wood to excavate nests and can cause damage to the structural integrity of Houston homes.
  • Fire ants: These ants range from ⅛ inches to ⅜ inches in size. They are dark to reddish-brown, and they can cause painful stings. You can identify them by the large mound nests they build outdoors.
  • House ants: Common invaders, house ants are often found in kitchens. They are small at 1/16 to 1/8 inches long with black or brown bodies and are attracted to sweets. 
  • Crazy ants: Similar in size and color to house ants, crazy ants have a gray sheen and can be recognized by their erratic movements.
  • Pavement ants: Another small black or brown ant. Pavement ants are known for making their homes in sidewalks and driveways but will move inside if a food source is readily available. 

If you have seen any of the ants listed above on your Houston residence, we recommend you find professional ant control services near you before the infestation gets worse.

Can Ants In My Home Make Me Sick?

Unfortunately, ants in your Houston home can make you and your family members sick. Different types of ants can bring about various diseases and symptoms, as well as potential allergic reactions to their stings or bites. Ants can contaminate food and surfaces and make you or your loved ones sick. In addition, some people are dangerously allergic to fire ant stings. Don't take any chances! If you need ant control solutions to get rid of ants in your home, reach out to Texas Termite Terminators today. 

Why Do I Have Ants In My House?

It's hard to pin down one single reason for an ant infestation in your Texas house. If ants find an entry point into your home, like a crack in the foundation, they can begin an infestation that can be difficult to remove. 

The following factors can attract ants into your home:

  • Food crumbs on your kitchen floor or dirty dishes in the sink
  • Moisture from leaks or spills or any source of stagnant water
  • Plants inside the home
  • The warmth from heaters or furnaces

If you're able to fix the factors listed above, your home will be less likely to be infested by ants. Texas Termite Terminators can help you establish long-term ant prevention tips and solutions for your Houston home.

What's The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Ants?

If you need ant control in your yard or inside your Houston home, professional ant pest control is the way to go. Texas Termite Terminators will help you to safely and effectively remove an ant infestation from your Houston home. We will start with a thorough home inspection to check the house for entry points and signs of ant activity. We will create a comprehensive ant management plan for your home and treat the interior and exterior of your home accordingly. We will also work with you on long-term prevention solutions. Get a free quote with Texas Termite Terminators today and get rid of ants for good!

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