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Rodent Control 101: What Every Houston Homeowner Ought To Know

February 28, 2023 - Rodents

In 2017, Houston landed the 20th spot on the “Rattiest cities in America” list. Not the most prestigious position. Thankfully, Texas Termite Terminators provides the most effective pest control in Houston to eliminate different types of rodents from around your home, maintaining your family's health and safety. Our expertly trained team of technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property from top to bottom, making sure to uncover the infestation at its source.

Read further to learn more about rodents and why partnering with a professional pest elimination company is the best decision.

How To Identify Common Types Of Rodents In Houston

Wondering which rodents commonly invade homes in the Houston area? They include Norwegian rats, roof rats, deer mice, and house mice. But no matter the species, if you've seen signs of rodents around your home, do not hesitate to get in contact with a qualified pest management company for the most reliable rodent control.

How Rodents Create Damage And Spread Disease

Rodents, like rats and mice, can cause you a lot of grief once they've invaded the inside of your home. These critters bring with them a host of potentially dangerous diseases that can make you and your family ill. Some of these infections include tularemia, leptospirosis, hantavirus, giardia, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), among many others. The worst part is that you never have to physically come into direct contact with a rodent to experience negative consequences. Their urine and feces produce airborne particles that you can inhale.

Additionally, rodents have been known to cause considerable damage to car engines, housing structures, and personal property. They can access your electrical wiring and chew through the insulation, causing an outage or even sparking a fire. In fact, rodents may be the culprits of 20% to 25% of fires with unknown causes. So, it's vital to involve a reputable pest service at the first sign or sighting of rodents around your property.

 Four Practical Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around Your Home

One of the best ways to keep rodents from infiltrating your living spaces is by using effective exclusionary techniques. Keep in mind that existing infestations must be eliminated first, as you don't want to trap rodents inside your house. Texas Termite Terminators can successfully get rid of rodents from your residence before implementing exclusion strategies. We have provided four practical ways below to prevent common rodents from getting inside your home:

  1. Put in metal screening over doors, vents, and windows.
  2. Seal up gaps, crevices, cracks, and small openings that rodents can squeeze through.
  3. Remove potential nesting materials by decluttering your yard and removing debris.
  4. Eliminate any potential food or water source that rodents can access.

Experienced pest specialists also offer exclusion services to keep rodents out of your home for good. Contact them to schedule an appointment for a full property assessment.

The Solution To Total Rodent Control For Your Home

If you want to rid your home of different types of rodents quickly, skip the do-it-yourself (DIY) methods and home remedies and contact experienced pest professionals. They have the background, knowledge, and skills to tackle challenging pest problems that plague many residences in our area.

Using a customer-focused approach to pest control, Texas Termite Terminators has staked our reputation on building solid relationships. Every resident deserves to live in a home free of nuisance pests. Our certified and highly trained technicians will devise a pest elimination strategy that suits your specific needs. We offer effective home pest control that not only addresses your existing infestation but can prevent new ones in the future. Get in touch with us today to request your courtesy inspection.

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