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Houston Homeowner’s Helpful Mosquito Prevention Guide

June 30, 2022 - Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the pest that Houstonians have to expect to an extent. When the weather is warm and humid, which is often the case in Southeast Texas and especially around dusk, it’s safer to stay indoors to best avoid these insects.

But in and around your home, there’s nothing worse than the perpetual buzzing of mosquitoes that you can’t seem to get away from and, of course, the itchy bumps they leave as a result of their bites—not to mention the bacteria they’re known to transmit.

The most effective way to keep your home mosquito-free is with pest control in Houston. Read on to learn about mosquitoes' role in our ecosystem and the dangerous diseases that some mosquitoes can spread. We also offer six natural ways to keep mosquitoes away from your yard and the best mosquito control for Houston homeowners.

The Role Mosquitoes Play In Our Ecosystem

While mosquitoes are irritating pests to us, they play an essential role in the natural flow of our ecosystem. Mosquitoes fall prey to larger creatures, such as flies, birds, fish larvae, and bats. Because adult mosquitoes feed on flowering plants, only female mosquitoes bite people because red blood proteins help support egg production; they are also significant pollinators. 

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquitoes Are Known To Spread

Because of the important benefits of mosquitoes, it’s certainly no problem to see a few buzzing about here and there. However, it’s vital to ensure the mosquito population on your Houston property doesn’t grow too large because it can pose health risks to you and your family.

Only certain mosquitoes transmit bacteria, but some of the diseases carried by mosquitoes include:

  • Chikungunya virus
  • Dengue
  • Malaria
  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika Virus 

Historically, many mosquito-borne illnesses have proven fatal, especially for victims with compromised immune systems. 

Six Eco-Friendly Tips To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Yard 

Prevention and home pest control are equally essential in keeping pests away from your home and property. Luckily, there are a handful of practical solutions that you can put in place to deter mosquitoes. Here are six:

  1. Get Rid Of Standing Water: Mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs. The problem is that they only require a small amount of water. Remove bird baths and buckets or other items that typically collect rainwater.
  2. Fix Plumbing Issues: Drainage problems can produce standing water. Check for clogged gutters and drains and leaky pipes.
  3. Incorporate Plants And Flowers That Repel Mosquitoes: Some of the best plants to get rid of mosquitoes are basil, citronella, lavender, marigolds, mint, and rosemary.
  4. Check window and door screens for signs of damage.
  5. Keep A Well-tamed Yard Space: Excess debris, such as fallen branches and leaves, and overgrown brush, provide more shaded areas, appealing to mosquitoes and other pests.
  6. Use Garlic: When you crush garlic, it releases an amino acid that acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Leave crushed garlic in bowls, inside or outside the home.

Another tip is to rub cut garlic on your wrists before going outdoors to keep mosquitoes away naturally.

The Best Mosquito Control For Houston Homeowners

Houston homeowners need mosquito control solutions they can rely on. Texas Termite Terminators have the know-how, equipment, and accreditations to equip your home with mosquito control solutions. Your family can feel comfortable and safe—and free to enjoy your outdoor space this summer.

Don’t risk putting yourself in harm’s way by trying to tackle a mosquito infestation on your own. For help, call Texas Termite Terminators today.

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